Dr. Phil Discusses HG


  1. As I lay here tuned into the dr phil show I cant believe my ears finally there are someone else in fact several other women who experienced this dramatic over whelming sickness that I unfourtnally experienced-hyperemsis. My name is marquita chisholm I am 27 years old and I have 3 kids yes I did this to myself 3 times however I was never given a medical term for it until the second go around which was in 2005-2006. After several trips to the er numerous hospital stays and repeatdly vomiting I was finally told what was slowly but surely taking the life out of me. I lost over 100 pounds I had a pic line inserted in my arm I had a feeding tube ran through my nose down to my stomach. I laid and cried hopeless day after day wishing I would just die because the sickness felt like tortue the worl continued to go on and labeled me as an HIV patient clueless to this 9 month pregnancy diesase. I was amazed and shock speechless when watching the show and finding out the diagnostic the doctors gave me in columbia sc was indeed such a diesease and I wasnt just told something because thats their job. I do not wish this on my worst enemy and may God bless the women that are faced with this terrible sickness.........signed A LIVING WITNESS HYPERMESIS IS REAL

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