So, as you know from the title of my blog, I've experienced postpartum nausea following an HG pregnancy. A fellow sister-in-puke :) has posted a question about women who have experienced any post-pregnancy nausea. Or have you been "nausea-prone" post pregnancy? Check out the link, and leave her a comment if you have experienced this RARE if the HG wasn't rare enough for ya. :) I'm 2 1/2 years postpartum, and I am still nausea-prone- unlike pre-pregnancy. All kinds of things are nausea-inducing now that never were before. Anyway, read her post and see if you can relate, then let us know!!

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  1. Hi Anna:

    I commented in another post, but I don't know when you posted this. I was three years before I felt better and almost five before I felt pretty good. I was at an allergist, a "gut" doc, etc. No one could figure out what was wrong. My best guess is my liver was spent from all the meds, but who knows. Did your nausea and gagging resolve yet?