Response from Ashli

As I had mentioned before, Ashli McCall has a place on her site where you can post your personal stories. I posted mine a while back. Here is her response:

"Anna, your story is AMAZING. In 12 years I have neither read about nor heard of anyone who continued to have HG symptoms past the first month or so. To hear that you went through a whole year and are still suffering is just heartbreaking. Hang in there. You have the right attitude, that's for sure. Please let us know if you ever find out more re: why this has gone on so long.God bless you and sustain you."

It really touched my heart to hear from her, and I just wanted to share.
Follow this link to post your story on her site:

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  1. Isn't Ashli great? She is so sweet to answer all the emails we all send her. I had a great time corresponding with her.