I went to see my OB-GYN today for our 3 month "check-in." She was disappointed to hear that my nausea has not improved since 3 months ago, but glad to know that it hasn't worsened either. Somewhere between our last visit and today, I caught the stomach flu, so I feel like that set me back for a while. She refilled my prescriptions and wants to see me in 4 months. Hopefully, I'll have something to actually report by then.

An interesting thing happened a couple of weeks ago. The GI doctor who saw me during my worst post partum months sent me a letter explaining that he would no longer be able to be my doctor because of my current medical condition. (The same condition I had when he took me on, the same condition that was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic that HE referred me to...) I quit seeing this doctor back in May, so it's not a great loss. It's just kind-of unbelievable to me that he would "dump me" for the reason he stated. I showed the letter to my OB and her nurse and they were not pleased. I called the GI doctor's office to ask for an explanation, but no one will call me back. Surprise! It just goes to show that doctor's don't know everything. They (in large majority, I believe) don't understand HG and are unwilling to help if they can't "cure" you. (This is NOT the case with my OB- she's AMAZING!)

So, that's that. I'll update when there's a little more to say. :)

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